About us

Over 10 years of eco-friendly experience
Hi ! We are Myriam and Nilton...
We decide to live in Boipeba and we build an eco-friendly Lodge Casa Bobô.

Casa Bobô is a life project by Myriam (Barcelona) and Nilton (Salvador). In 2009, I went on vacation to Boipeba with a friend... and magic happened. I fell in love with the island, and I met Nilton, my now-husband. I returned to Barcelona, to my job, and a few months later, I went back to Boipeba, this time determined to buy a piece of land.

The local artists are masters at sustainable Architecture
Ecologic lodges and sustainable integrates in the environment.
The idea was to create a sustainable place built with innovative local materials and techniques, respectful of the environment.

We looked for a team from Monte Alegre and Velha Boipeba, because I wanted to use local techniques and materials to respect the environment and the surroundings. That is how I learned that the most incredible part of this place is the joy, kindness and solidarity that make up its essence

My Dream come true. The history of Casa Bobô began when its owner, Myriam Martínez, decided to change her life completely. In 2010, she left Spain, her motherland, and began building her dream. Her plan was to create a unique place that could offer the guests the experience of being immersed in the Atlantic Forest, surrounded by a peaceful ocean and the crystal-clear waters of Boipeba, to allow for days of rest, quiet and renewal.

To make my dream even more beautiful, the Eco Lodge is located in a lush environment, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, in the heart of the paradise that is Boipeba Island, in Bahía, Brazil. Boipeba was chosen on Trip Advisor as the second most beautiful island in South America, and Moreré beach is among the 10 most beautiful and best-preserved beaches in Brazil. This place maintains the peace, tranquility, simplicity and generosity of the locals.

Casa Bobô is located on a hilltop, 1 km from the beach, and near Moreré village, on Boipeba island. The Eco Lodge has a sea view, and it is inside an Environmental Protection Area (APA, Área de Proteção Ambiental) in the middle of the Atlantic Forest. It has 3 (three) rustic bungalows built with local eco-friendly materials, a social area, and a house for permanent residents (now used by the current Administration), all of which provides a perfect work-lifehealth balance...